• 13:47 – Экзамен в ГИБДД. Категории C, D 2013 (с изменениями в задачах по медицине) 
  • 12:34 – The Cutty Sark, The Last Of The Famous Tea Clippers V1: An Account Of The Ship Itself, With Plans And Full Instructions For Building The Hull, Bulwarks And Deck Fittings Of A Scale Model, C. Nepean Longridge 
  • 11:40 – Chilton General Motors Service Manual, 2010 Edition (3 Volume Set) (Chilton General Motors Mechanical Service Manual), Chilton 
  • 17:17 – Supercharged! Design, Testing and Installation of Supercharger Systems, Corky Bell 

Computer Security Handbook, Seymour Bosworth, Michel E. Kabay

  • 14 декабрь 2018, 20:44
  • 0
The definitive formula for computer security, from power outages to theft and sabotage PWhether you are in charge of many computers, or even one important one, there are immediate steps you can take to safeguard your company#146;s computer system and its contents.

Connections: New Ways of Working in the Networked Organization, Lee Sproull, Sara Kiesler

  • 14 декабрь 2018, 20:42
  • 0
Connections is an accessible guide to the promise and the pitfalls of this latest phase of the computer revolution.

скачать Connections: New Ways of Working in the Networked Organization, Lee Sproull, Sara Kiesler

Coding for Optical Channels, Ivan Djordjevic, William Ryan, Bane Vasic

  • 14 декабрь 2018, 20:32
  • 0
In order to adapt to the ever-increasing demands of telecommunication needs, today’s network operators are implementing 100 Gb/s per dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) channel transmission.

Introduction to FORTRAN 90 (2nd Edition), Larry R. Nyhoff, Sanford Leestma

  • 14 декабрь 2018, 20:19
  • 0
Introduction to FORTRAN 90 is part of Prentice Halls ESource Series, a unique publishing system designed to give professors optimal control over their courseware.

Digital Sculpting with Mudbox: Essential Tools and Techniques for Artists, Mike de la Flor, Bridgette Mongeon

  • 14 декабрь 2018, 20:12
  • 0
Digital sculpting is the use of tools to push, pull, smooth, grab, pinch or otherwise manipulate a digital object as if it were made of a real-life substance such as clay.

Drupal 7, Алексей Черных

  • 14 декабрь 2018, 19:59
  • 0
Drupal - это одна из самых популярных систем управления сайтом (CMS). Будучи бесплатной и написанной на популярном языке PHP, Drupal получила самое широкое распространение и признание.

The Best of SQLServerCentral.com Vol 4, Jones Steve

  • 14 декабрь 2018, 19:44
  • 0
This is a compendium of more than 60 articles for SQLServerCentral.com, covering topics from administration to performance tuning to replication. Multiple articles about SQL Server Profiles of members of the SQL Server team Content from SQLServerCentral.com Обо всём этом и не только в книге The Best of SQLServerCentral.com Vol 4 (Jones Steve)

Tomcat 5 Unleashed (Unleashed), Lajos Moczar

  • 14 декабрь 2018, 19:41
  • 0
PTomcat is the most widely used Java-based Web application server available, and the latest version, Tomcat 5.x, has a variety of features that allow developers and administrators to create and maintain sophisticated enterprise-level Web applications.

Inventing the Internet, Janet Abbate

  • 14 декабрь 2018, 19:35
  • 0
PSince the late 1960s the Internet has grown from a single experimental network serving a dozen sites in the United States to a network of networks linking millions of computers worldwide.

Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins Of The Internet, Katie Hafner

  • 14 декабрь 2018, 19:34
  • 0
Twenty five years ago, it didnt exist. Today, twenty million people worldwide are surfing the Net. Where Wizards Stay Up Late is the exciting story of the pioneers responsible for creating the most talked about, most influential, and most far-reaching communications breakthrough since the invention of the telephone.

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