• 19:54 – The Lost Generation: The brilliant but tragic lives of rising British F1 stars Roger Williamson, Tony Brise and Tom Pryce, David Tremayne 
  • 16:47 – Автомобили. Made in Germany, Йоахим М. Кестник 
  • 14:33 – Space Shuttle: The History of the National Space Transportation System The First 100 Missions, Dennis R. Jenkins 
  • 17:59 – The Car Design Yearbook 6: The Definitive Annual Guide to All New Concept and Production Cars Worldwide, Stephen Newbury 

Business in der arabisch-islamischen Welt: Arabische und deutsche Perspektiven verstehen (German Edition), Susan Ismail

  • 18 октябрь 2018, 14:31
  • 0
Inhaltlich unveranderte Neuauflage. Durch die zunehmende Internationalisierung und Globalisierung der Markte ist auch die Auseinandersetzung mit dem Thema „Kultur“ in den Blickpunkt von Wissenschaft, Gesellschaft, Politik und Wirtschaft geruckt.

The Business of Child Care: Management and Financial Strategies, Gail H Jack

  • 18 октябрь 2018, 14:28
  • 0
CHILD CARE ADMINISTRATORS AND EARLY CHILD CARE PROFESSIONALS will greatly value the business skills detailed in the Business of Child Care: Management and Financial Strategies.

Smart Things to Know about Change, David Firth, David Firth

  • 18 октябрь 2018, 14:22
  • 0
Change is everywhere in business. As markets develop at an unprecedented speed so organizations rush to keep up. But change is complex, frightening and expensive.

Work With Passion: How to Do What You Love for a Living, Nancy Anderson

  • 18 октябрь 2018, 14:18
  • 0
In this perennial bestseller, Nancy Anderson shows readers how following their passion and finding that special niche in whatever realm they are truly passionate about is the most effective and rewarding approach to business and career success.

The ABCs of the Ucc Article 5 Letters of Credit, James G. Barnes, James E. Byrne, Amelia H. Boss

  • 18 октябрь 2018, 14:15
  • 0
This primer unravels the law of letters of credit as codified in Article 5, giving a simplified, yet comprehensive overview of this complex area, from issuance to remedies.

Careers in Art (Vgm Professional Careers Series (Paper)), Blythe Camenson

  • 18 октябрь 2018, 14:12
  • 0
Careers in Art offers all the information career seekers need to explore and choose a profession and then narrow it down to a job that suits them. The book provides an overview of the field of art, outlines job options, and shows how to plan and prepare for a career.

Just in Time Math (Rookie Read-About Science), Catherine V. Jeremko, Cathy Jeremko

  • 18 октябрь 2018, 14:10
  • 0
This Cram series serves the reader who needs to review and learn specific material in a short period of time for the purpose of passing an important test, such as an exit exam, admissions test, vocational exam, or certification exam.

The Moral Advantage: How to Succeed in Business by Doing the Right Thing, William Damon

  • 18 октябрь 2018, 14:08
  • 0
This timely book is the result of a Stanford University study of good work in business, under William Damons direction. During the course of the study, researchers interviewed 48 men and women who have achieved success in business.

Pakistan: A Spy Guide (World Country Study Guide Library), Ibp Usa

  • 18 октябрь 2018, 13:55
  • 0
Pakistan: A Spy Guide

скачать Pakistan: A Spy Guide (World Country Study Guide Library), Ibp Usa

How to Use Power Phrases to Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say, & Get What You Want, Meryl Runion, Meryl Runion

  • 18 октябрь 2018, 13:50
  • 0
Easy-to-master techniques for more effective communications in all areas of life In this breakthrough guide, communication guru Meryl Runion explains why effective communication is more than just a business tool.

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